As you know, the badge of office does not make the leader. Training does! One of the most important jobs that a Boy Scout adult leader does is to see that his troop’s junior leaders are successful leading their troop.

When a boy leader (or any leader for that matter) knows what is expected of him, he is more likely to succeed. If a junior leader learns the basic techniques of leadership, his fellow Scouts will respond to him. The result is a better troop or patrol and a much happier group of Scouts.

Junior Leader Orientation Workshop, better known as JLOW, supplements the Scoutmaster’s junior leader training. JLOW is held every November.

The enthusiastically skilled JLOW staff, headed by Course Director Phil McCabe, teaches the participants about patrol operations, patrol meetings, troop calendar planning, troop operations, troop meetings, Green Bar Councils, leadership skills, and advanced outdoorsmanship.