Reminder that Charters are due on December 15, 2018.

Reminder that Charters are due on December 15, 2018. If you have any questions about rechartering, or wish to submit your charter and payments at roundtable, please come prepared. Our Commissioner Staff will be ready to help you finish the process and collect all completed Charters. REMINDER THAT ALL NEW MEMBER APPLICATIONS SHOULD BE SUBMITTED PRIOR TO SUBMITTING YOUR CHARTER. The recommended method of rechartering is to submit and print your roster online, at Then, bring the SIGNED printout and requested documents with you to Roundtable for submission. Please contact your unit commissioner with any questions and/or concerns about this process. Thanks! 

4 Main Items Needed for Recharter


Recharter FAQ's


Q: What members are required to submit a charter, and what positions must they hold?

A: You must register 5 adults and 5 youth, at minimum. The adults must make-up the following positions: Chartered Organization Representative, Committee Chair, Unit Leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, or Venture Crew Advisor), and 2 additional Members of Committee). If desired, the Chartered Organization Representative can duel register as EITHER the Committee Chair or Member of Committee. NO OTHER Adult Leader positions can be shared withing the same unit.

Q: What are the current recharter costs?

A: Each adult individual member's registration fee is $24, each youth registration is $50 ($24 national fee & $26 activity fee). Boy's Life for the year, is $12pp. Lastly, there is a $40 Annual Unit Charter Fee. Please make all checks payable  to: Theodore Roosevelt Council, BSA. There should be one checks (one for registration, Boy's Life, and the Annual Unit Charter Fee AND a the Activity Fee per register youth)).


Q: Who's required to take Youth Protection?

A: ALL registered adults are required to have taken a valid and current Youth Protection Training. The only exception is the Executive Officer, unless they also serve as the Chartered Organization Representative, in which they will be required to have it as well. If, during online recharter, the system show's an adult as not having YPT, please send a copy of the YPT certificate to the Council Service Center ASAP, and/or attach a copy to the printed charter, for submission.


Q: I'm registered in multiple units. Where do I pay my fee?External Link

A: You only pay your registration fee once, and can pay it in any of the units where you are registered. Please make sure you notate which unit you wish to have your primary registration in.

Submitting Signed Forms

Q: I completed my recharter online. Where do I turn in the signed forms and registration fees?External Link

A: Contact your unit commissioner. They will be happy to pick up your forms and check. You can also contact your district executive or bring the forms and check to roundtable. (Return to Topics)External Link

Getting Help

Q: I need some help. Who do I call?External Link

A: Call your Unit Commissioner first. If additional help is needed, please contact your District Commissioner (Jerry Manning), and then your District Executive (Chris Roehler).




Q: What are the steps in the internet rechartering process?

A: Check out the Internet Rechartering tutorial and other detailed information hereExternal Link(Return to Topics)External Link

Q: What is the difference between the buttons First Time User and Returning User?

A: First-Time User takes the user through the RP registration process. This is the choice users should make if they haven't previously registered themselves as the Internet Rechartering RP.

Returning User takes the user to the Log In page. This is the choice users should make if they have already registered themselves as the RP and, thus, already have a password. (Return to Topics)External Link

Q: I was the RP for my unit last year. External LinkShould I choose First-Time User or Returning User?

A: Every year the RP and unit will have to reregister to use Internet Rechartering. So even last year's RP will have to go through the First-Time User link and reregister. (Return to Topics)External Link

Q: I lost my access code. What can I do?

A: The council will have to look up and supply the access code to the user. (Return to Topics)External Link

Q: I forgot my password.External Link What do I do?

A: The user should select the Forgot password? link. (Return to Topics)External Link

Q: At the Update Member Position screen, what does the table on the right mean?

A: This table tells the RP if the unit is in compliance with BSA rules by dynamically displaying the minimum required positions and maximum required positions based on the unit.

The Current column shows the current roster so the user can quickly see which positions need to be added to be in compliance with the rules. (Return to Topics)External Link

Q: There are some members of my current unit who are not appearing on the Select Members for Renewal page. Why not?

A: There are a couple of likely explanations:

The member was entered after the Internet Rechartering data was downloaded from PAS to Internet Rechartering for this unit.


The member was never entered into PAS.

Either way, the RP should enter the member as a new participant. The Internet Rechartering-PAS processing will merge this new record with any existing record in the unit. (Return to Topics)External Link

Q: I want to subscribe several people in my unit to Boys' Life. Is there a fast way to do this?

A: Use the Update Roster page to subscribe members quickly to Boys' Life.

  1. Click the Update link to the left of the member name.

  2. Select the Boys' Life check box.

  3. Click Save.

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Q: How do I use Packmaster or Troopmaster (or other 'Scoutnet compatible') data from my membership management program to recharter online?

A: (Answer from Packmaster/Troopmaster technical support folks) The unit leader should run the PackMaster or Troopmaster "Annual Recharter" report the same way they would if they were going to submit the recharter directly to the council office. The Annual Recharter report is on the "Reports>Scout/Unit General" menu. PackMaster/Troopmaster will create a paper report and also a disk file. The file name will be "CHTxxxxx.csv", where xxxxx is the unit type/number. This is the file that the user then uploads to the Internet Rechartering system. Packmaster and TroopMaster work the same way.(Return to Topics)External Link

Collecting Fees

Q: How do I indicate a member holds multiple positions?

A: If the member holds two paid positions in one unit and only wants to account for one, Internet Rechartering dynamically takes care of this scenario. If a member is marked for two positions, you can see in the Fee Summary that the fee is only $10. (Return to Topics)External Link

Q: What if the member is multiple because they are paying in another unit?

A: If so, select the Update link to the left of his or her name. Select Member Paid in Another Unit. radio button. Click Save.(Return to Topics)External Link