Commissioner Recognition

Several awards are available to recognize extraordinary service by field and administrative commissioners. 

Arrowhead Honor Award

A District Commissioner, Assistant District Commissioner, Roundtable Commissioner or Unit Commissioner may earn the Arrowhead Honor, which is for commissioners who exhibit quality performance and leadership.

Downloads:  Unit Commissioner Record    District Commissioner/ADC Record    Roundtable Commissioner Record

Commissioner Award of Excellence in Unit Service

    Any registered commissioner who is providing direct unit service is eligible to earn the Commissioner Award of Excellence in Unit Service, through unit service and a project that results in improved retention of members and on-time unit recharter, over the course of two consecutive years. If a commissioner who is not registered as a unit commissioner wishes to earn this award, they must work with the district commissioner where the unit(s) is/are registered.

    Downloads:   Requirements and Progress Record

    Distinguished Commissioner Award

      The Distinguished Commissioner Service Award is intended to recognize commissioners who provide quality service. Each council decides how to certify eligibility and keep records. There is no national application form for this award.

      Downloads:   Requirements    Application Form

      Doctorate of Commissioner Science

      To recognize completion of a standardized program leading to the completion of a thesis or project and the award of the Doctorate of Commissioner Service from a College of Commissioner Science.

      Downloads:   RequirementsExternal Link     DCS Prep in TRC     Application Form